About Us

Welcome to SaskQuotes.com

SaskQuotes is Saskatchewan’s central quoting and bidding system which allow consumers to request quotes and receive bids from multiple bidders with only one request instead of researching dozens of individual websites and submitting multiple requests.

A requester only needs to submit one quote request for any service and know that their quote request will be sent to all applicable service providers in the city or across the province. Multiple bidders then submit competing bids to win the contract. Its that simple.

Consumers no longer have to spend hours researching dozens of potential service providers on the internet and submit multiple quote requests. At the same time, businesses no longer have to spend valuable time and resources in capturing potential bid opportunities.

With an integrated quote request and bid management system for both the requester and bidder, both parties can manage and organize their quote requests, bids and jobs in one system.

Quite simply. SaskQuotes is the faster, easier way to bid and quote for anything and everything.