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What is is Saskatchewan's central quoting and bidding system connecting consumers who want quotes and businesses who want to bid on those job opportunities.

How Does Work?

A consumer submits a quote request for any service they want.

The quote request is matched with all applicable businesses based on the criteria set by the customer such as the service required, experience level of the business, budget, service area etc.

Bidders and requesters communicates with each other

Bidders submit multiple bids to the requester

Quote requests and bids are organized and managed in the system

Requesters reviews and awards job to the winning bidder

What are the Benefits of Using

Instead of spending hours to manually research potential service providers and submitting multiple quote requests. And then having to organize, manage and compare the communicates and bid from various bidders. simplifies the whole process into one step and one system.

What kind of information does the service provider see?

The bidder only sees basic quote request information. All private contact information is hidden from the bidder until the requester decides to share that information.

What kind of services can I request on SaskQuotes?.com

Everything. has service providers from over 500 industries with a focus on construction, renovations, trades, home services, special events, automotive, transportation and commercial services.

Is it free to submit a quote request?

Absolutely, there is no cost to submit a quote request or to use the integrated quote request management system.

How do I communicate with the Bidder?

Requesters have the option to either communicate with the bidders from within the system or via traditional methods such as email, text or phone.

How do I rate my service provider?

Requesters can leave a testimonial along with a status of a job they awarded to a bidder

What if there is a complaint?

Requesters who have a complaint can communicate directly with the service provider. Or they can request Assisted Complaint Resolution and will work with both the requester and the bidder to help resolve the complaint.

How do I know the quality of a service provider?

Service providers who have more than 3 unresolved complaints are banned from

I need help or have questions?

Email us at

What are the terms and conditions of usage?

Please see our Terms and Conditions here.

What is the privacy policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy here.