Welcome to SaskQuotes

Saskatchewan’s centralized quoting and bidding network.

SaskQuotes collects quote requests from consumers across the province and matches them with qualified bidders.

SaskQuotes allows consumers to request quotes and receive bids from multiple contractors with only one quote request instead of researching dozens individual websites and submitting multiple requests.

SaskQuotes allows businesses to access more bidding opportunities across the province without expensive marketing and advertising such as Google, Kijiji, Facebook and other efforts.

From renovations and construction to home services, special events, moving, automotive and more, SaskQuotes allows consumers and businesses across Saskatchewan to connect faster and easier.

How it Works

Consumers submit quote requests
SaskQuotes distributes requests to contractors based on criteria
Contractors communicate directly with consumers
Contractors submit bids to consumers
Consumers select winning bid
SaskQuotes notifies contractors of winning bid

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